Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Premise Of Further Education

Most Individuals in society seek further Education to raise Their economic levels within a capitalistic society, to live a better Life, but it's not only the education in Colleges, Universities and education systems in a whole that are going to make this Come about. It is Imperative that we understand that it all depends On Ideologies, I have Known Individuals that spent years furthering their education but don't succeed because of their Ideologies.
Let me explain it in easier terms, in 98.9% of Education Institutions in this Country are taught with a Liberal Point of view, if you come from a conservative back ground with extensive education credentials the chances of you working for these Institutions are almost nonexistent. These same scenarios play out on the corporate playing field, have you heard the term "It's not what you know, it's who you know" this is where Ideologies determine whether discrimination is applied.
Have you ever wondered why the lower education system is a failure, lack of education as an Orchestrated Indoctrination, students that have graduated in the last forty years can't read, write or do arithmetic, if the elitists were a part of this group, it would not continue. Most parents would be appalled by what their children are learning in the education system today, there has been no movement to change these practices because the ones that benefit from them don't want it to change, like the slave owners in the earlier history of this country.
Let us look at the State run education system a little closer, what we find is a bureaucratic Entity that is more concerned with their salaries & benefits then the students education, I recall A story that came out in the news some years ago about a school superintend in Antelope Valley. The story entailed a retirement package for this Individual which equaled $1,000,000.00 a year severance package, and this is not an educator, but they continue to advise the public that they don't have enough funds to educate the children.
The tax payer year after year increases the funding for Education even though more and more students graduate with Out the capabilities of functioning in Society, and no repercussions Directed towards the public servants, City, State and federal Governments have become Organized Crime, if this is the Status Quo throughout Society, we have moved further away from the Ideologies of our founding forefathers, and have become a disgrace To the republic and the democracy in which we Inherited.

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